Every spoon of ice cream offers a rediscovery of the innocence and wonder that defined childhood. The ring of the ice cream seller’s bike would make us set out of our homes abandoning whatever we were doing. If there is one thing that makes everyone happy it is ice cream.The humble cone ice cream is the favourite of many children while others prefer the lickable popsicle, better known as the ice lolly. Adults sneak in ice cream into their diet as dessert. Here we list some of the most creative and innovative ways that you can choose to have your favorite ice cream.

Striped Ice Cream Cake
Cake and ice cream might be a delicious combo but this dessert that includes cake, vanilla ice cream, blueberry jam, and yoghurt surely takes the cake. The best part about this beautiful layered dessert is that it can be made at home with minimum effort.

Salted Caramel Toffee Pretzel Ice Cream
The salt in the salted caramel compliments the strong sweetness of the ice cream. This salted caramel toffee pretzel ice cream is both luscious and appetizing at the same time.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Pie
Whether it is the finely churned scoops of chocolate ice cream, or the base of chocolate chip cookies under it or the two layers of flavored pie, it is hard to pick your favorite part of this dessert

Ice Cream Truffles gfdhgfdhfggfgfhgfhdgf
Ice Cream Truffles are a great way to complement the soft texture of
flavoured ice cream
by adding something hard like cookie crumbs, ground nuts or finely chopped toasted coconut.

Doughnut Sundaegfdhgfdhfggfgfhgfhdgf 
Adding the delicious taste of doughnuts to the magic of natural ice creams is a sure fire winner. If you love doughnuts more than ice creams, you can opt for a doughnut sandwich.

Marshmallow Swirl Ice Cream Cake
Flavoured Ice cream, nuts, fluffy marshmallow are all held together by delicious cake in this unique dessert.

Chocolate Ice Cream Puffsgfdhgfgfhgfhdgf
These lavish french desserts are known as profiteroles. They have crunchy outer layer with creamy cold flavoured ice cream on the inside.

Cherry Vanilla Coca-Cola Ice Cream Floats
This cherry vanilla coca-cola ice cream float is an elegant version of the simple ice cream float. The float is best made using pure vanilla ice cream, and the bitter cherry swirl is a perfect top up for this ultra sweet float.

Strawberry Semifreddo Shortcake
This extravagant indulgence is for the lovers of strawberry. This dessert also has the beautiful texture of ladyfingers and the flavour of marshmallow cream.

S’mores Ice Creamgfdhgfgfhgfhdgf
Chocolate ice cream, mini marshmallows and some crumbled graham crackers combine to make the delightful S’mores ice cream. These delightful S’mores are sure to cause smiles on the faces that savour them.

Pie Crust Ice Cream Bowlsgfdhghgdfhghsdghsdgshfvdsf jsdfhvsvg fjvf hgdhsd sdh
When ice cream is served in an edible bowl, it becomes a double delight. These pie crust ice cream bowls can mix and match several diverse combos of pies and ice creams.

Whatever shape they come in ice creams are equally cherished by people of all age groups and we keep coming up with new innovations and recipes that celebrate the love for ice cream.

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