If you think you know what goes into ice-cream, stop! Read this right now.One of the most stubborn myths is that heavenly ice-cream is made from abominable ingredients like pig’s fat and petroleum by-products. We feel it’s our duty to save this cold and creamy wonder from such myths, so we will give you the truth about what really goes into our ice-creams.


Isn’t ice-cream made of…cream? Lazza’s creamy ice-creams are actually made with good quality unsalted butter as a primary ingredient for a smooth texture. The result is a surprisingly light cream that is a perfect treat for summer.


To be frozen, the ice-cream needs to have enough water; but not so much that it loses its texture.Whole milk is nearly 87% water and not suited to making ice-cream. Instead, we use skim milk powder which is great for providing that dairy flavour while maintaining the right water content. And not to mention, for its protein content.


Why is milk fat essential for ice cream? It increases the flavour, enhances the taste and provides body to the ice-cream. That’s why in addition to skimmed milk powder, we also add milk fats.


You know that sugar makes ice-cream sweet. But did you also know that sugar can affect the shape of ice-cream? The sugar we use is in crystal form which is basically a solid. Solids give the ice-cream body, keeps it firm, and makes it fun to scoop and eat.


Stabilizers refer to ingredients that improve the consistency and stability of ice-cream, like locust bean gum, guar gum, xanthan gum, pectin, and carrageenan alginate. Lazza uses them to maintain the quality and firmness of our ice-creams as they move from factory to truck, from trucks to stores, and from the store to your spoon.


Lazza’s natural range of products is created from naturally-sourced raw ingredients, like plant extracts and flavourings from pulp and essence. No pig’s fat in here – it’s one-hundred percent pure vegetarian ice-cream! We also add fruits, dry fruits, nuts, cocoa powder and chocolate-based products for that extra flavour in every bite.


To create unique tastes and scents with our ice-creams, we use combinations of six basic permitted food colours from internationally reputed companies. The colours are kept within 220 PPM (Parts Per Million) as stipulated by the FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India). Don’t let myths spoil the taste of your ice-cream. Go ahead and enjoy every spoonful!


In the list of things that give joy to the soul, ice cream is right up there, just behind love, laughter, and well, more ice cream. Throughout history, these cold, melting dollops of deliciousness have held a cherished spot in the hearts of children and adults alike. Even as they have evolved in form and variety over the centuries, this affection remains unchanged.Even with all this ice cream love going around, very few people really know how ice creams are really made. So we have to set out to tell you this tale and unravel the mysteries behind the great and joy-filled art of ice cream making.While we can’t speak for others, we assure that what follows is an honest overview of the ingredients, processes and quality measures we use to make our much loved brands of ice creams.


Lazza Ice Creams are made from naturally-sourced raw ingredients.We use high-quality flavouring from reputed national and international brands.Food colouring is kept within 200 units PPM as per standards.Soon, we will be switching to natural pulp and naturally extracted essences exclusively for our Lazza brand of products.




There is a lot of love, care and expertise that goes into making your little scoops, lollies and cones of magic. Let’s have look at how we make this happen.

1. Assessing Requirements/Material Issue
We have an automatically generated internal program that decides the production requirements of the day. The corresponding raw materials and packing materials are automatically issued to the factory floor based on this.

2. Pasteurization Hoppers

All the ingredients like skimmed milk, milk, sugar, butter etc. are first added into two large pasteurization hoppers. These hoppers are maintained at 75 degrees to achieve pasteurization and kill any microbial organisms.





3. Homogenizer

The pasteurized mix moves into the homogenizer. The homogenizer applies 2,500 PSIs of pressure to mix the ingredients thoroughly. It ensures that the various ingredients in different forms and states don’t stand out separately or in layers.





4. Cooling & Chilling

The mix now moves into the cooling and chilling section. This is built up of rows of metal plates.Cold water is passed through alternate plates to cool the mixture from 75°C to 10°C.

5. Ageing Vats

The mixture finally moves into the ageing vats. These are collection tanks where the mixture is stored for a period of 8 hours. Here, the temperature is brought down by 1°C every hour until the mix is at 4°C. This is necessary to bring out the taste of the ice cream.








6. Ice Cream Machines

From the vats the mix is pumped into the ice cream making machines. Flavouring and colouring are added through the servo tanks placed above the machines. The final product comes out at -4°C. This is sent down the conveyor belts, and packed.






7. Cold Room

The cartons of ice cream packs are sent to the cold room to be stored at -25 degrees in hard form before they are transported to the distributors.

For us, quality is not an objective, but a habit. It is one of our core principles, guiding us through all that we do. This habit pervades the organisation’s culture, and has enabled us to consistently deliver high-quality international-standard products to our customers for nearly 50 years.To begin with, we only use ingredients that are certified and approved by FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India). Our factories are HACCP and ISO 22000:2005 certified, and we take strict measures to ensure plant hygiene and product quality.We maintain unwavering standards of quality across three critical control points – biological, chemical, physical. Here’s how we ensure this –

● HACCP codes established across our factory floors
● Separated storage sections for packing materials, containers etc.
● Factory floors isolated from all external elements – people, dust etc. to prevent cross contamination
● Strict hand-washing with disinfectant every 20 minutes for workers in regular contact with the ice creams
● Multi-level supervision over processes, men and materials
● Quality control and check on all ingredients and incoming materials before production
● In-house lab for frequent quality checks and tests
● Detailed 5-step backwash process at the end of each production day using hundreds of litres of water and high quality, food grade chemicals


We are big believers in accountability. And one of the major ways that we ensure this is by implementing solid accountability measures across our products and processes.In accordance with HACCP recommendations, we maintain a total of 17 logs. These include the production log, workers' hygiene log, daily sanitation log, online product verification log etc. Every batch of products has a unique batch code that can provide information about quantity and details about the product, the factory and date of production, the supervisors and workers on the factory floor at the time, and much more.

These measures help with backtracking from any point of damage or complaint to find out the exact junction where we went wrong. Following this, we can take corrective measures or even issue recall, as required.

We really hope that this brief look at how we make the ice creams you love so much has helped you gain a better perspective about Lazza and our ice creams in general. In addition to everything above, there is  a lot of care, dedication and passion that goes into creating these extraordinary ice cream experiences, to ensure that you, your family and your kids can enjoy them without ever having to worry about the health effects.


Every spoon of ice cream offers a rediscovery of the innocence and wonder that defined childhood. The ring of the ice cream seller’s bike would make us set out of our homes abandoning whatever we were doing. If there is one thing that makes everyone happy it is ice cream.The humble cone ice cream is the favourite of many children while others prefer the lickable popsicle, better known as the ice lolly. Adults sneak in ice cream into their diet as dessert. Here we list some of the most creative and innovative ways that you can choose to have your favorite ice cream.

Striped Ice Cream Cake
Cake and ice cream might be a delicious combo but this dessert that includes cake, vanilla ice cream, blueberry jam, and yoghurt surely takes the cake. The best part about this beautiful layered dessert is that it can be made at home with minimum effort.

Salted Caramel Toffee Pretzel Ice Cream
The salt in the salted caramel compliments the strong sweetness of the ice cream. This salted caramel toffee pretzel ice cream is both luscious and appetizing at the same time.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Pie
Whether it is the finely churned scoops of chocolate ice cream, or the base of chocolate chip cookies under it or the two layers of flavored pie, it is hard to pick your favorite part of this dessert

Ice Cream Truffles gfdhgfdhfggfgfhgfhdgf
Ice Cream Truffles are a great way to complement the soft texture of
flavoured ice cream
by adding something hard like cookie crumbs, ground nuts or finely chopped toasted coconut.

Doughnut Sundaegfdhgfdhfggfgfhgfhdgf 
Adding the delicious taste of doughnuts to the magic of natural ice creams is a sure fire winner. If you love doughnuts more than ice creams, you can opt for a doughnut sandwich.

Marshmallow Swirl Ice Cream Cake
Flavoured Ice cream, nuts, fluffy marshmallow are all held together by delicious cake in this unique dessert.

Chocolate Ice Cream Puffsgfdhgfgfhgfhdgf
These lavish french desserts are known as profiteroles. They have crunchy outer layer with creamy cold flavoured ice cream on the inside.

Cherry Vanilla Coca-Cola Ice Cream Floats
This cherry vanilla coca-cola ice cream float is an elegant version of the simple ice cream float. The float is best made using pure vanilla ice cream, and the bitter cherry swirl is a perfect top up for this ultra sweet float.

Strawberry Semifreddo Shortcake
This extravagant indulgence is for the lovers of strawberry. This dessert also has the beautiful texture of ladyfingers and the flavour of marshmallow cream.

S’mores Ice Creamgfdhgfgfhgfhdgf
Chocolate ice cream, mini marshmallows and some crumbled graham crackers combine to make the delightful S’mores ice cream. These delightful S’mores are sure to cause smiles on the faces that savour them.

Pie Crust Ice Cream Bowlsgfdhghgdfhghsdghsdgshfvdsf jsdfhvsvg fjvf hgdhsd sdh
When ice cream is served in an edible bowl, it becomes a double delight. These pie crust ice cream bowls can mix and match several diverse combos of pies and ice creams.

Whatever shape they come in ice creams are equally cherished by people of all age groups and we keep coming up with new innovations and recipes that celebrate the love for ice cream.


This question worries every mom who wants to be sure that they are giving their family the best.Beyond all the mayhem, the truth is that both ice cream and frozen desserts are almost the same.We have to have tried to unravel the truth behind the ice cream and frozen dessert. Find out thesimilarities between the two and what makes ice cream different from frozen desserts.

1. Surprise, surprise, both frozen desserts and ice creams are made of milk or milk solids. Skimmed milk powder is the basic building block of your frozen treat, be it ice cream or frozen dessert.


2. The only difference is that milk fat or butter is added to make ice creams, while a neutral tasting vegetable oil is added to make frozen desserts.

3. In India, the erstwhile PFA act and the current FSSAI stipulates that ice cream be made only with butter fat while the ones made with vegetable oil be labeled as frozen desserts. And that’s where the difference starts and ends. Simple as that.

4. Both ice creams and frozen desserts follow the same manufacturing process. There is absolutely no difference in the way they are made.










5. There is nothing unhealthy with either of the varieties. While ice cream is made with butter or milk fat which is traditionally used in the preparation of Indian sweets, frozen desserts use vegetable oil, the preferred cooking medium for savoury Indian dishes. Both these sources are well accepted by the Indian palate and are not new-fangled products that are unknown to the homemaker.

6. All Lazza ice creams and frozen desserts are 100% made with strictly vegetarian ingredients.

7. The nutritional value of both ice creams and frozen desserts are almost the same. A 100 gm scoop of ice cream has about 217 calories while frozen dessert stands close at 200 Kcal.

It is interesting to note that in many foreign countries, products made from vegetable oil are called ice cream and not frozen desserts. Rest assured, Lazza ice creams use only natural ingredients like fruit pulps, essences and flavourings extracted from natural sources. It is as close you can come to eating homemade ice cream. So go ahead and indulge your family with their favourite flavours.



Which one is better?
The Truth: Both ice cream and frozen desserts are almost the same.
The Making Process

* Skimmed milk powder

* Sugar

* Stabilizers

* Approved food flavourings

* Colours









Nutritional Value

For every 100 gm of serving