8 reasons to have Lazza Jackfruit ice cream now!

  1. You’re in the mood for some jackfruit but it’s not in season.
  2. You want to try a new, natural flavor of ice cream.
  3. You like ice cream flavors like mango, banana, tender coconut, strawberry — basically, you like fruit flavors.
  4. It is your kind of dessert made with jackfruit. It is different from chakka ada or chakka pradhaman because it is not made with jaggery.
  5. You LOVE the flavor of jackfruit.
  6. You want a healthy, natural treat.
  7. You’re bored with vanilla and the rest of the usual flavors.
  8. You’re hosting a tropical theme party.

Desserts to Make With Lazza Jackfruit Ice Cream


Get the mold for ice cream stick (popsicles). Fill it with chopped peanutsjackfruits and mangoes. Add softened Lazza jackfruit ice cream. Freeze for an hour or two. Pour some jackfruit compote and eat immediately.

Also, you could make a popsicle with one layer of Lazza jackfruit ice cream and one of Lazza vanilla ice cream.

Jackfruit Compote

Heat 1 cup of chopped jackfruit, 1 tbsp mango juice with 1 tbsp cane sugar for 10 minutes. Mash the fruit with a spoon. Once well cooked, soft and like a chutney, remove from the heat.

Jackfruit Sundae

In a serving bowl, add some jackfruit compote at the bottom. Add two scoops of Lazza jackfruit ice cream. Now pour butterscotch sauce over it and scatter some cashew nut praline or just some roasted and chopped cashew nuts.

Tropical Passion Split

In a boat-shaped individual serving dish, place a banana, split through the middle lengthwise. Now place one scoop each of Lazza jackfruit ice creamLazza Alphonso mango ice cream, and Lazza tender coconut ice cream. Over the Lazza jackfruit ice cream, pour jackfruit compote; over the Lazza Alphonso mango ice cream pour, mango syrup or mango pulp; and over tender coconut ice cream pour sweetened passion fruit pulp. Top with chopped nuts and sultanas.