Celebrate your happy mood with Lazza Ice cream!

Ice creams are always our mood makers. And it’s very special when we feel like having an Ice cream because most of the people their good moods prefer Ice creams. To make your happy mood extra special Lazza ice cream presents the best ice cream in the country. In reverse, when you are not in a good mood also try Lazza ice cream. For sure it will change your sad face to a very happy face.

So guys get ready to enjoy your happy time with Lazza Ice creams the best ice cream brand in India. The most attractive part is that you will get a wide variety of flavours in Lazza. And here are the most common and favourite flavours.


There is no age group that doesn’t like chocolate flavour. Everyone’s all-time favourite preference will be chocolate flavour. There is a different variety of flavours based on chocolate.


Kids like that pink colour and delicious flavour of Strawberry. Strawberry is always special for the loved ones. So strawberry got a special position in the Lazza ice cream section also.


Vanilla is always simple and tasty. It’s a common choice. Everybody opts that commonly. The mixture of vanilla and any other flavour are just awesome.


Another most preferable choice in the ice cream world. Butterscotch is a variety flavour. And it’s a flavour which is with a lot of specialities.

So celebrate your happy mood with Lazza ice cream. The best brand.

How to Make a Chocolate Milkshake; Method 1


Milk, ¼ cup (60 mL) to 1 cup (240 mL), based on the desired thickness

Two large scoops of Chocolate or vanilla ice cream of Lazza ice creams (Preferably Lazza as it is more tasty and healthy according to my experience)

Chocolate (few bars), or chocolate syrup

Whipped cream (optional)

Step 1

Fix a tall glass in the freezer. If you are using a glass which is frozen enough will keep your shake frosty for a long time. You can do that while you are setting up the ingredients.

Step 2

Let the ice cream soften. Using ice cream straight from the freezer can make your milkshake taste dilute, thin, or icy. You’ll have much better results if you leave the ice cream out on the counter for about ten minutes, until it’s soft and just beginning to melt around the edges.

Avoid this step if using frozen yoghurt.

Step 3

Add two large scoops of the softened ice cream or frozen yoghurt to a blender. Add ¼ cup (60 mL) milk for a thick milkshake or up to a full cup (240 mL) if you prefer a thinner drink.

Whole milk makes a richer shake, while low fat or skim milk is a healthier option.

For an extremely rich milkshake, blend in 1–2 tablespoons (15–30 mL) heavy whipping cream.

Step 4

Add chocolate if necessary. If you used vanilla ice cream, or you want to enhance the chocolate flavour, add one of these ingredients:

2 tablespoons (30 mL) chocolate syrup, blended for another 10–30 seconds. Use up to 4 tablespoons (60 mL) if using vanilla ice cream.

Melt a few squares of chocolate or a handful of chocolate chips in a double boiler, or zap in the microwave for 10 seconds at a time, stirring in between zaps. 2 tablespoons (30 mL) cocoa powder will add flavor to an already-chocolatey shake, but may not be strong enough to use as the only chocolate ingredient.

Step 5

Blend or whisk together. This is easiest with a blender, milkshake maker, or stick blender, on a low setting. If you don’t have one of these, burn off some calories in advance with a sturdy whisk.

Semi-frozen ice cream is easiest to blend with a series of short pulses, or with a sturdy fork instead of a whisk. If it still won’t blend, mash it against the sides with a rubber spatula or flat spoon and try again.[3]

Step 6

Serve in a cold glass. Taste before you pour it into the glass, so you have the option to blend in more milk (thinner) or more ice cream (thickener). Optionally, top with a dollop of whipping cream, and/or a sprinkle of chocolate shavings, or check out the wilder variations below.

Serve with a spoon or thick straw.

Ice-cream diet; Facts you should know>>

It may sound hilarious but fake. But you should trust me… it’s true… consuming ice-cream in a prescribed way by experts will help to lose weight and it is known as ice cream diet. It will also reduce the risk of developing colon cancer, reduce your PMS symptoms, and lower your blood pressure.

According to the information, in 2002 it was first reported in a book called “Ice cream Diet” written by Holly McCord back, who is billed as a well-known dietician and former nutrition editor of Prevention magazine.   McCord encourages people to eat a portion of ice cream every day as part of the diet, as long as they simultaneously follow a healthy eating regime. Precisely he recommends consuming 1,250 calories a day in addition to a portion of ice cream for a final sum of 1,500 calories.

He believes that adding cream in your diet will make you feel less deprived when you’re eating smaller amounts than usual, in addition to the frozen dessert being high in calcium.

A study conducted by Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School In 2016,  concluded that good consumption of dairy products can help middle-aged and elderly women maintain a healthy weight.


Health benefits of Ice Cream!


We all are ice cream lovers. But we always try to keep a distance from it as it contains high calories and hence considered as an unhealthy food. Being an ice-cream lover, (especially chocolate) I found something interesting that ice cream has some amazing health benefits too. But of course, the health benefits are applicable only if we consume ice creams in a small amount.

And so obviously you can enjoy your scoops occasionally with your company. As it is a high-calorie food you can have it when you are running out of time and in a need of high level of energy. So now let’s have a look at the amazing benefits of ice creams.


Ice cream is always considered as a fat gaining food. But do you know that, if you consume ice cream in a prescribed/advised way by nutrition, it will help you to lose your weight? The practice of having ice cream and losing weight is known as “Ice cream-diet” is now famous all over the world. But always try it under an expert’s advice.


Ice cream is an instant energy provider as it contains a rich level of carbohydrates and sugar.


The ingredients of ice-cream are mainly milk, fruits and cream and hence it is the rich source of calcium, protein, phosphorous potassium and vitamins.  As Ice cream contains phosphorous and calcium it will help to build libido.  It will make your bones and nail stronger as it contains calcium and phosphorous. It will boost your hair growth too

  In short,if you are consuming it in a healthy way it is the best nutritious food.


According to some researches, consuming ice cream in moderate level could minimize the risk of colon cancer.


Ice cream can reduce or control your mental stress.

History of Ice-cream!

There is a saying that it’s never too cold for an ice-cream. It’s also said that you can’t buy happiness but you can surely buy an ice-cream and it’s both the same kind of thing. We consume when we have a scoop of our favourite ice-creams. So Lazza here wants you to know the sweet history of our delicious flavour.

Ice-Creams are one of the most popular sweetened frozen dish or dessert usually made out of dairy products like milk and cream sweetened with sugar or sugar substitutes and comes in different unique flavours.

History of Ice-cream in the World

  • The history of ice-creams is recorded long back in the 5th century BC where ancient Greeks claimed that they consumed snow mixed with honey and fruits in the Athens’s Markets.
  • Later in 400 BC, Persians made a special chilled food from rose water and vermicelli mixed with saffron, fruits and other flavours to serve the Royal Family during Summers.
  • Around 200 BC, a frozen mixture of milk and rice was used in China filled with Syrup.
  • Roman Emperor Neri had brought ice from the mountains to combine with fruits back in 37-68 AD.
  •  Italian Duchess, Catherine De Medici, brought few Italian chefs to prepare flavoured ice/sorbets, when she married and Henry II and came to France in 1533.
  • The first recipe in French first flavoured ice is reported in Nicholas Lemery’s Recueil Dr Curiositez rates etc Nouvelles de plus in 1674.
  • A reference to ice-cream was made in Oxford English dictionary early in 1744.
  • Quaker Colonists introduced ice-cream to the USA. The baker’s sold ice-cream at their shops in New York and other cities during the colonial era.
  • Records from a Catham Street merchant in New York portrays George Washington spent approximately $200 on ice-creams during the summer of 1790. That records also shows President Thomas Jefferson had an 18 step recipe for ice-cream. The first lady Dolley Madison, wife if USA President, James Madison served ice-creams at his Inaugural Ball in 1813.
  • Ice-cream became much popular and accessible to the common people in England during mid 19th century, when Swiss emigre Carlo Gatto setup a stand outside Charing Cross Station in 1857 where he sold one scoop in shells for one penny.
  • Agnes Marshall popularised ice-cream recipes and write 4 books on it which made her popular as “Queen of Ices” England during the late 19th century. She even made ice-cream with liquid nitrogen.
  • Ice-cream Soda was made in the 1870s and ice-cream sundaes in the late 19th century. Ice-cream cones and banana split became much familiar in the early 29th century.
  • Ice-cream became familiar & desirable in the world during the second half of the 20th century after refrigerators became so common. An explosion of ice-cream stores of different flavours and types were also seen during this period. Baskin-Robbins made a 31 flavour like one for every day in a month, as a marketing strategy and the company now claims that they have more than 1000 varieties.
  • Another important milestone happened in the 20th century with the introduction of soft ice-creams in reduced costs.
    Many innovations have been introduced into ice-creams such as adding stabilizing agent Gluten. But later gluten-free ice-creams have been introduced due to its harmful health effects.

History of Ice-cream in India.

In India, the Mughal Emperors arranged Horsemen relays to collect ice from the Hindu Kush to Delhi in the 16th century to use them in fruit sorbets. Kulfi is described as the “Traditional Indian Ice-cream”, and the popular frozen dairy dessert originated in 16th century in the Mughal Empire.