Bust out the myth of getting sick after an ice-cream during Monsoon.

It’s the monsoon again with misty rains and heavy showers that you must be enjoying it with a good cup of hot tea. As the monsoon does its entrance, the monsoon myths are also ready to tag along. Many among us are ready to believe them blindly but the rest try to define a reason for them. A lot of myths like – You will catch a cold after getting wet in the rain; Keep yourself away from seafoods during Monsoon; Chicken soup can help you in a fast recovery at Monsoon; Eating curd can make you fall sick in Monsoon; Having an ice-cream will lead to illness during Monsoon; and many more are tagged with the Monsoon season.

Is it true that you will fall sick when you have an ice-cream in this monsoon? Lazza says no. We provide you with the best Ice-creams after the great process of pasteurization which will help it to be free from bacteria. Our ice-creams are best prepared under strict practices to make sure that it is completely germing free and hygienic.

Let’s bust out the myth of having a scoop of Ice-cream can make you fall sick in Monsoon by having a bowlful of Lazza ice-creams with the best Ice-cream flavours available. Don’t curb your cravings to grab your favourite Lazza ice-creams in this monsoon. Go and get your scoop of the best Ice-creams from Lazza.

Get soaked in this monsoon and enjoy your scoop of Lazza ice-creams looking at the cloudy sky.