Creamy and Juicy

How is it to have your normal juice with a scoop of ice cream. Surely it’s going to be a wonderful combination.   So how it cannot be great when you are adding the best ice cream. That is the most favourite choice of all times ‘Lazza Ice cream’. Lazza Ice cream is the most delicious and best ice cream you’ll get in India. Prepare your normal juice and blend it with the matching flavoured Lazza ice cream.

In all cool bars now it’s a favourite combo that is juice and a scoop of ice cream. And there is no need to go to any cool bar. Make your kitchen a cool bar and enjoy your Juice and Ice cream scoop combo a special treat in your special moments. Here are some common and delicious combinations.

Mango Juice + Mango flavoured Ice cream

Mango is always a favourite fruit for everyone. And mango juice is a drink people always crave for. So it will be a wonderful treat if you try this combination.

Vanilla Scoop with your favourite juice

Vanilla is a flavour which goes with all the juices. It’s too cool to try a combo with Lazza vanilla scoop ice cream.

Enjoy your Juicy time with the best ice cream brand Lazza.