Health benefits of Ice Cream!


We all are ice cream lovers. But we always try to keep a distance from it as it contains high calories and hence considered as an unhealthy food. Being an ice-cream lover, (especially chocolate) I found something interesting that ice cream has some amazing health benefits too. But of course, the health benefits are applicable only if we consume ice creams in a small amount.

And so obviously you can enjoy your scoops occasionally with your company. As it is a high-calorie food you can have it when you are running out of time and in a need of high level of energy. So now let’s have a look at the amazing benefits of ice creams.


Ice cream is always considered as a fat gaining food. But do you know that, if you consume ice cream in a prescribed/advised way by nutrition, it will help you to lose your weight? The practice of having ice cream and losing weight is known as “Ice cream-diet” is now famous all over the world. But always try it under an expert’s advice.


Ice cream is an instant energy provider as it contains a rich level of carbohydrates and sugar.


The ingredients of ice-cream are mainly milk, fruits and cream and hence it is the rich source of calcium, protein, phosphorous potassium and vitamins.  As Ice cream contains phosphorous and calcium it will help to build libido.  It will make your bones and nail stronger as it contains calcium and phosphorous. It will boost your hair growth too

  In short,if you are consuming it in a healthy way it is the best nutritious food.


According to some researches, consuming ice cream in moderate level could minimize the risk of colon cancer.


Ice cream can reduce or control your mental stress.