Ice-cream diet; Facts you should know>>

It may sound hilarious but fake. But you should trust me… it’s true… consuming ice-cream in a prescribed way by experts will help to lose weight and it is known as ice cream diet. It will also reduce the risk of developing colon cancer, reduce your PMS symptoms, and lower your blood pressure.

According to the information, in 2002 it was first reported in a book called “Ice cream Diet” written by Holly McCord back, who is billed as a well-known dietician and former nutrition editor of Prevention magazine.   McCord encourages people to eat a portion of ice cream every day as part of the diet, as long as they simultaneously follow a healthy eating regime. Precisely he recommends consuming 1,250 calories a day in addition to a portion of ice cream for a final sum of 1,500 calories.

He believes that adding cream in your diet will make you feel less deprived when you’re eating smaller amounts than usual, in addition to the frozen dessert being high in calcium.

A study conducted by Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School In 2016,  concluded that good consumption of dairy products can help middle-aged and elderly women maintain a healthy weight.