This question worries every mom who wants to be sure that they are giving their family the best.Beyond all the mayhem, the truth is that both ice cream and frozen desserts are almost the same.We have to have tried to unravel the truth behind the ice cream and frozen dessert. Find out thesimilarities between the two and what makes ice cream different from frozen desserts.

1. Surprise, surprise, both frozen desserts and ice creams are made of milk or milk solids. Skimmed milk powder is the basic building block of your frozen treat, be it ice cream or frozen dessert.


2. The only difference is that milk fat or butter is added to make ice creams, while a neutral tasting vegetable oil is added to make frozen desserts.

3. In India, the erstwhile PFA act and the current FSSAI stipulates that ice cream be made only with butter fat while the ones made with vegetable oil be labeled as frozen desserts. And that’s where the difference starts and ends. Simple as that.

4. Both ice creams and frozen desserts follow the same manufacturing process. There is absolutely no difference in the way they are made.










5. There is nothing unhealthy with either of the varieties. While ice cream is made with butter or milk fat which is traditionally used in the preparation of Indian sweets, frozen desserts use vegetable oil, the preferred cooking medium for savoury Indian dishes. Both these sources are well accepted by the Indian palate and are not new-fangled products that are unknown to the homemaker.

6. All Lazza ice creams and frozen desserts are 100% made with strictly vegetarian ingredients.

7. The nutritional value of both ice creams and frozen desserts are almost the same. A 100 gm scoop of ice cream has about 217 calories while frozen dessert stands close at 200 Kcal.

It is interesting to note that in many foreign countries, products made from vegetable oil are called ice cream and not frozen desserts. Rest assured, Lazza ice creams use only natural ingredients like fruit pulps, essences and flavourings extracted from natural sources. It is as close you can come to eating homemade ice cream. So go ahead and indulge your family with their favourite flavours.



Which one is better?
The Truth: Both ice cream and frozen desserts are almost the same.
The Making Process

* Skimmed milk powder

* Sugar

* Stabilizers

* Approved food flavourings

* Colours









Nutritional Value

For every 100 gm of serving