Mixed Ice-cream Scoops You can Try at your Home

Ice-Creams are the most delicious frozen sweet or a favourite dessert across the globe. There is a wide variety of unique flavours of Ice-creams suitable to the local tastes and preferences. India is one among the largest producers of Ice-creams in the world and most of the Ice-creams produced are domestically consumed.

It’s always a happy feeling to have an ice-cream of your desired flavour. So what about trying different ice cream flavours together. Lazza presents mixed Ice-cream Scoops You can try at your Home. Lazza is always rich with its multiple flavours and we have made them available in attractive and beautiful packs.

Let’s try out these mixed Ice-cream Scoops from the vivid varieties of Lazza.

Chocolate with Vanilla and Strawberry ice-creams

These mixed scoops from chocolate, strawberry and vanilla from Lazza can be enjoyed to get the bittersweet taste of chocolate combined with the aromatic sweet vanilla and the romantic strawberry flavour topped with strawberry and chocolate syrup along with dark and white chocolate chips.

Tender Coconut with Blueberry and Pista Ice-creams

The delicious tender Coconut Ice-cream with slender cuts of tender Coconut itself is a great treat. Then what’s explore the taste when it is combined with the blueberry and Pista ice-creams? Try out this colourful mix of flavours with some chopped blueberries and Pistas topped on them along with some natural honey blend and granulated sugar.

Jackfruit and Mango with Chocolate and Butterscotch Ice-creams

Explore and relish the real goodness of seasonal fruits with our natural Ice-creams from Jackfruits of Wayanad, and the delicious Alphonso Mangoes. Try to mix scoops from each of these natural ice-creams with our Chocolate and Butterscotch flavours to enjoy the variety. It’s always best to try with some finely chopped Jackfruits and mangoes topped on the scoops with a blend of natural honey.