If you think you know what goes into ice-cream, stop! Read this right now.One of the most stubborn myths is that heavenly ice-cream is made from abominable ingredients like pig’s fat and petroleum by-products. We feel it’s our duty to save this cold and creamy wonder from such myths, so we will give you the truth about what really goes into our ice-creams.


Isn’t ice-cream made of…cream? Lazza’s creamy ice-creams are actually made with good quality unsalted butter as a primary ingredient for a smooth texture. The result is a surprisingly light cream that is a perfect treat for summer.


To be frozen, the ice-cream needs to have enough water; but not so much that it loses its texture.Whole milk is nearly 87% water and not suited to making ice-cream. Instead, we use skim milk powder which is great for providing that dairy flavour while maintaining the right water content. And not to mention, for its protein content.


Why is milk fat essential for ice cream? It increases the flavour, enhances the taste and provides body to the ice-cream. That’s why in addition to skimmed milk powder, we also add milk fats.


You know that sugar makes ice-cream sweet. But did you also know that sugar can affect the shape of ice-cream? The sugar we use is in crystal form which is basically a solid. Solids give the ice-cream body, keeps it firm, and makes it fun to scoop and eat.


Stabilizers refer to ingredients that improve the consistency and stability of ice-cream, like locust bean gum, guar gum, xanthan gum, pectin, and carrageenan alginate. Lazza uses them to maintain the quality and firmness of our ice-creams as they move from factory to truck, from trucks to stores, and from the store to your spoon.


Lazza’s natural range of products is created from naturally-sourced raw ingredients, like plant extracts and flavourings from pulp and essence. No pig’s fat in here – it’s one-hundred percent pure vegetarian ice-cream! We also add fruits, dry fruits, nuts, cocoa powder and chocolate-based products for that extra flavour in every bite.


To create unique tastes and scents with our ice-creams, we use combinations of six basic permitted food colours from internationally reputed companies. The colours are kept within 220 PPM (Parts Per Million) as stipulated by the FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India). Don’t let myths spoil the taste of your ice-cream. Go ahead and enjoy every spoonful!